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Driving health and safety in our value chain

Rexel is committed to ensuring the safety of its products and solutions, as well as the health of its customers who install and use them, in compliance with current regulations.

Assessing health and safety issues at the top of the value chain

Rexel launched an in-depth health and safety analysis at the top of its value chain in order to better assess potential problems and risks. This assessment will serve as a starting point for defining commitments and action plans, in close collaboration with manufacturers, to accelerate the distribution of replacement products if necessary.

Strict compliance with existing regulations

Concomitantly, Rexel ensures compliance with all current product regulations in the Group’s countries of operation. These include the European directives RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). Rexel also works with its installers’ customers in order to raise their awareness, inform and train them in product health and safety.