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Production Parts

Tailor-made sourcing solutions for procurement security and optimized management of industrial manufacturer (EOM) inventories

The procurement and management of the parts required for the production of equipment and industrial machinery are essential stages in guaranteeing the quality and dependability of your production system, and optimizing your costs. In addition to providing the equipment required, Rexel solutions also include added-value services, such as:

  • Sourcing of the electrical and mechanical parts used in your products
  • Pre-assembly and kits that save you time and money
  • Inventory management to reduce the number of suppliers and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


End-to-end procurement chain management with Gexpro Services

Rexel Group subsidiary company Gexpro Services provides its customers with support at every step in the procurement chain with specialized expertise in inventory management program development. Its added-value services include: supplier management and qualification, product sourcing and substitution, kit assembly, Kanban-based restocking and customer inventorying management. With a proven track record in the industrial and energy markets, Gexpro Services is also heavily involved in the wind power industry.


A win-win partnership with wind turbine manufacturers

The fast-growing wind power market is forecasted to triple in size over the next 10 years, with increasingly intense competition between manufacturers. Thousands of parts are required to manufacture a wind turbine, and Gexpro Services supplies 80% of them in the form of ready-to-fit kits: a unique range of solutions to help customers rationalize their procurement process and grow their business faster.



The wind turbine market is forecasted to triple in size by 2025


of the individual parts required to manufacture a wind turbine can be supplied by Gexpro Services

Rexel's added value

  • A broad range of products and electrical and mechanical spares, backed by comprehensive quality guarantees

  • Manufactured to your specification

  • Tailor-made global procurement and on-site inventory management solutions

  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Worldwide multi-site support

Our dedicated products line

  • Fastening systems

  • production-distribution-protection

    Electrical power and control

  • production-valve

    Valves and instrumentation

Our accomplishments

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