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Industrial market

The optimization of costs and energy performance are central challenges for the industrial market. With its worldwide presence, Rexel offers its customers a range of innovative products backed by dedicated, responsive and dependable support.


Reliability, cost optimization and energy performance for industrial customers

Accounting for 35% of Rexel annual revenue, the industrial market encompasses every aspect of supplying and maintaining electrical equipment in industrial and production facilities. Rexel responds to the exacting needs of its industrial customers with a worldwide range of dedicated electrical solutions backed by tailor-made support in order to:

  • Secure the production chain through meticulous and dependable procurement
  • Optimize inventory management costs
  • Boost installation energy performance by applying specific solutions to automated control systems, motors and lighting




Isolated locations that are often difficult to access, challenging working conditions and a hazardous environment: working with the mining industry involves responding to a specification that is very strict in terms of safety, and equally uncompromising on the need to comply with high-quality, profitability and durability standards. Regardless of location, Rexel offers mining companies, engineering companies and installers tailor-made and dependable support delivered by specialist teams  for international key accounts to achieve the twin goals of cost and performance optimization.

  • Projet de construction d'une mine de charbon en Australie

    Rexel Australia

    Construction of a new coal mine in Australia

    Rexel is working in Australia on new coal mine construction project and its preparation plant. Rexel’s sourcing expertise, the flexibility of its custom services, and its knowledge of the market helped them succeed with this important project.

Oil & Gas

Confronted by growing complexity in exploration and new environmental standards, the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry is having to deal with an increasingly restrictive body of constraints. Rexel Oil & Gas supports you with innovative, durable products that meet the strictest quality standards, as well as specific solutions designed to optimize your procurement system and boost energy efficiency in your operating facilities. Committed to the success of your construction and maintenance projects worldwide, Rexel offers you:

  • Logistics structures close to key gas and oil hubs
  • Dedicated support for international key accounts
  • Expert teams available to provide on-site support on request

> Find out more about the Oil and Gas market

  • En Arabie Saoudite, construction de l'un des plus grands complexes pétrochimiques du monde

    Rexel Saudi Arabia

    Construction of one of the world's largest petrochemical complexes in Saudi Arabia

    Rexel took part in one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the world, located in Saudi Arabia. Through an partnership with a major Saudi cable supplier, Rexel was awarded a preferential contract – a real advantage in the partnership where a dozen EPCs were selected.


From power and gas providers to water and waste management companies, Rexel works with the full range of service providers acting on behalf of national governments and local authorities. The Rexel offer allows you to optimize your procurement costs, as well as accompanying you with effective support to promote energy savings solutions to your customers.

  • Norway Rexel

    Rexel serves the electricity distribution market in Norway

    In Norway, Rexel assists companies in the electrical distribution market with logistics management, offering custom services and a model centered on customer needs (on-site, on demand delivery, new technology advice and training…).

Wind energy

Rexel sourcing for wind turbine manufacturers combines quality, precision and tailor-made solutions with an advanced and comprehensive range of electrical and mechanical parts (C-parts), which can be pre-assembled on request. The Group’s global approach to logistics gives you the added benefit of cost optimization, dependable procurement and rationalized inventory management.


The solutions offered by Rexel to automobile manufacturers combine cost optimization (procurement and logistics rationalization) with improved energy performance for production lines and entire operational facilities.

  • India Rexel

    Financing the energy management of Tata Motors painting facilities

    To help Tata Motors transition to energy efficiency, Rexel is providing a unique financing option: a bank loan pre-negotiated with several financial institutions and postiori compensation on savings from the installations.


After chemicals and steelmaking, the food industry is one of the largest industrial consumers of energy*. Rexel’s industrial automation and motor control solutions boost the energy performance of your production lines, at the same time as complying with the most demanding health and safety standards. (*2013 INSEE study)

Panel builders


The manufacture of electrical control panels is subject to a demanding process of certification. Rexel adds value by consulting on norms and standards, and advising on the optimization of your procurement chain to reduce assembly times, component wiring and panel size.



Operational dependability and cost control are major challenges for shipyards. To help you optimize your infrastructures, Rexel offers you the guarantee of reliable procurement and inventory management for multiple operating locations worldwide.

  • Finland Rexel Finland

    Rexel Finland simplifies the construction site of an ice breaker in Finland

    The construction of the Finnish Vitus-Bering NB 506 ice breaker was an opportunity for Rexel Finland to implement its expertise in managing complex construction operations: 700 references delivered, including 200 km of cables, pre-cut and bundled by size & type to reduce stocks.

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