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Offer & Markets

Rexel offers innovative and sustainable solutions as well as custom services to professionals around the world.

Our product lines

  • appareillage-accessoires-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Appliances and accessories

  • protection-distribution-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Protection and distribution

  • armoires-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


  • cables-cheminements-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Cables and routing

  • eclairage-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


  • securite-communication-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Security and communication

  • domotique-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Home automation

  • gestion-technique-batiment-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Building management system

  • Genie climatique - Produit - Rexel

    Climate control

  • photovoltaique-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


  • controle-automatismes-industriels-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    Industrial automation and control

  • outillage-produit-rexel-icon-66x66


  • produits-blancs-bruns-produit-rexel-icon-66x66

    White and brown products

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Our customized service

Operational excellence at the heart of our added value