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Electric Vehicles

Safe, efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles

Charging infrastructures are key to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles

Offering zero CO2 emissions, electric vehicles offer a sustainable, credible and now widely available alternative for a wide range of vehicle types. PwC forecasts that global production will more than triple between now and 2020, and the development of charging infrastructures is key to making this boom a reality. Rexel contributes by offering safe, efficient charging solutions suitable for public-sector, private-sector, business and personal applications.


Adapting charging terminals to specific uses

The charging solutions marketed by Rexel can be adapted to all situations:

  • Home, parking lot and public highway installation
  • Slow-charge stations (6-8 hours for a full charge) and rapid-charge terminals (30 minutes for an 80% charge)
  • Secure terminal-vehicle connection via the charging cable
  • Terminal access control, remote monitoring and maintenance solutions




The cost of the electricity used by an electric vehicle to cover 100 km


of European drivers cover fewer than 100 km per day


2014 growth for the European electric vehicle market

Rexel's added value

  • A range of efficient solutions adaptable to all applications

  • A dedicated business solution: Energeasy Drive

  • Support at every step in the chain, from initial recommendation through to installation monitoring

  • Finance solutions that incorporate incentives and subsidies


  • Residential Chargers

  • Commercial Stations

  • Charging Cables


Story Fondation Rexel cover

Rexel promotes social innovation

Learn more
  • United Kingdom Rexel Energy Solutions

    An electric vehicle charging point in Yorkshire

    To implement their sustainable development engagement, the owners of the Stone House relied on Rexel to install a charging station at their hotel.

  • Canada Nedco

    A 100% hybrid vehicles partnership between Nedco and Eeko Couriers in Canada

    In Canada, Nedco, a Rexel subsidiary and country leader in electric vehicle charging stations, uses Eeko Couriers 100% hybrid fleet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In exchange, Eeko Couriers has free access to Nedco’s charging stations.