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Group activities

Worldwide expert in the professional multichannel distribution of electrical products and services for the energy world, Rexel provides a broad range of sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions in the field of technical supply, automation and energy management related to construction, renovation, maintenance and production.

Core competencies

Rexel provides tailor-made electrical equipment and services to professionals engaged in the construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures. The Group uses the most effective products from the best manufacturers to design innovative, sustainable solutions that help its customers to optimize their processes and maximize the energy performance of their installations, wherever they are and whatever their size.

Activities and customers

Rexel employs 26,000 people and operates in 21 countries through a network of nearly 1,900 branches and 59 distribution centers. Its customers are installers of every size, as well as industrial companies and public & private commercial businesses.


Rexel contributes its expertise to construction, renovation and maintenance projects in its three key markets: commercial (48%*), industrial (28%*) and residential (26%*).

*2022 sales

Added value

To support its customers and help them create increasingly high levels of added value, Rexel developed a customer-centric business model structured around five key strengths:

  • Product availability and flexible delivery options delivered through a multichannel infrastructure
  • Innovation in solutions, products and sales support
  • The expertise of a major industry player tailored to the precise needs of markets, customers and specific challenges
  • Advanced integration of business processes with suppliers and customers
  • Competitive ranges of products and services built on keen pricing and effective solutions


Our offer

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