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Types of shareholding

Bearer shares

Bearer shares are managed by the bank or broker of your choice and registered in a securities account (share savings account or PEA scheme).

Registered shares

Administered registered shares (“Nominatif administré”)

Administered registered shares are recorded in Rexel’s share register, but are held by your bank or broker, who manages your account.

Pure registered shares (“Nominatif pur”)

Pure registered shares are recorded and held under your name in Rexel’s share register and managed by Société Générale Securities Services, as mandated by Rexel.

You will systematically receive:

  • Notices of shareholders’ meetings
  • Single tax declaration form (“Imprimé Fiscal Unique”, IFU) at the beginning of the year
  • Portfolio statements valued on December 31st

The choice of this management type not only provides financial benefit (you are exempted from paying custodial and administrative fees) but also allows you to benefit from specific advantages, as well as dedicated management and information tools.

Your benefits :

  • A phone platform to answer your questions
  • The ability to access your portfolio online and to place orders directly on the Internet The ability to consult your portfolio online and to order stock trades directly on the Internet
  • Portfolio statements throughout the year, upon request
  • The payment of your dividends by transfer to your bank account
  • A close relationship with the Group

Société Générale Securities Services
Phone: +33 (0) 2 51 85 67 89
Fax: +33 (0) 2 51 85 62 15