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Commercial companies

Elected officials, retailers, hoteliers, office managers: managing building energy consumption is central to your financial, regulatory and environmental challenges. Rexel provides its expertise in energy efficiency for your building maintenance and upgrading projects.

Helping commercial companies to manage their energy

  • The expertise needed to advise you at every stage from initial audit through to long-term installation monitoring

  • An integrated offer and partnerships with decision makers (engineering experts, etc.) to deliver a global response to building renovation issues

  • A comprehensive range of eco-efficient products that reduce energy consumption without compromising occupants’ comfort or security

  • Specialized solutions and teams dedicated specifically to sectors (hospitality, retail, hospitals, schools, public contracts, etc.)

  • Sustainable energy efficiency solutions that contribute to building asset value

Our accomplishments

2017 Activity and Sustainable Development Report

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  • United States Rexel

    Renovating the lighting for one of the largest American casinos to reduce its energy bill

    Rexel took part in the lighting retrofit of the Mohegan Sun Casino, a project designed to reduce its energy bill. The installation of 12,000 lamps created annual savings of 7.2 GWh, or $650,000 and a ROI of less than one year.