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Our Sustainable Development Strategy

As a worldwide expert in distribution and a key player in the energy world, Rexel encourages the co-creation of value with many different stakeholders. The Group’s sustainable development approach focuses on 3 pillars to meet their challenges and expectations.

  • 1
    Developing energy management solutions for our customers & society at large
    Find out more about our commitments
  • 2
    Promoting responsible practices across the value chain
    Find out more about our commitments
  • 3
    Improving the social and environmental performance of our operations
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Our approach

  • Our approach

    Rexel shares with all the other players in the electrical industry a major responsibility with regards to the challenges of energy transition, climate change and energy access.

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  • A recognized sustainable performance

    Each year, numerous organizations recognize the efforts made by the Group as well as its sustainable development performance.

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  • Our Global Compact support

    Drawing on its leadership and its proximity with all its stakeholders, the Rexel Group has always favored a sustainable and responsible approach in its activities.

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Find out more about Rexel's commitments and sustainable development initiatives.

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