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Small and medium installers

Our goal: respond to your specific needs with expert technical support, ready-to-use solutions, and dedicated new equipment training. At Rexel, we believe that partnering with you means saving your time and boosting your productivity by making every working day easier.

Rexel and small & medium installers: a relationship built on trust and proximity

  • The expertise needed to advise you at every stage from initial audit through to installation support

  • A comprehensive range of innovative, high-performance products from the best manufacturers

  • A network of local branches as well as support centers that gives you constant access to our services

  • Showrooms, information and training centers to find out more about our latest innovations and how to use them

  • A vast choice of in-branch and on-site ordering and delivery options


2017 Activity and Sustainable Development Report

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  • United Kingdom Rexel Energy Solutions

    Helping a family become more energy efficient with...

    In Cheam, Surrey, the McCue family used the Rexel Energeasy Solar platform to improve the home’s energy efficiency and reduce their energy bill.

  • France Rexel

    Photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of a home

    Thierry Marquis, electrician, called upon Rexel to install solar panels on the roof of a home. Rexel goes beyond supplying the equipment, offering a full-service package of advice and training before work starts and technical assistance throughout the project.