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Industrial Solutions


Rexel solutions for industry

Rexel helps its industrial customers to optimize production dependability and costs by offering them specialized equipment installation and maintenance solutions. This support includes:

  • A broad range of specialized products designed and selected to meet all your quality, safety and standards compliance needs
  • Logistics solutions to optimize your procurement and inventory management, while also reducing your costs (TCO)
  • Specialized energy management expertise to improve installation performance


More energy-efficient motors

Since motors account for 70% of the energy used in industrial production, Rexel offers its customers a range of solutions and products designed specifically to improve performance, including:

  • High-efficiency motors that consume less and last longer
  • Speed regulators that can deliver energy consumption savings of up to 60%


Automation from A to Z

Essential for industrial production performance and safety, industrial automation systems are a dedicated product category at Rexel. It includes:

  • A range of products adapted to suit all requirements: mechanical and electronic detection, man/machine interfaces, automation, motor speed control, movement commands, machine safety, etc.
  • Personalized assistance from training and commissioning support through to warranties and repairs, on-site technical support, spares management and the testing and calibration of measurement systems



energy savings are achievable with a high-efficiency motor and speed regulator

Rexel's added value

  • A dedicated range of products for the installation and maintenance of industrial equipment from the best manufacturers

  • A comprehensive solution designed to boost performance, safety and energy efficiency

  • Rationalized procurement, optimized logistics and closely controlled ownership costs (TCO)

  • Transactional services integrated with your IT system (e-procurement, EDI, Punch-Out, etc.)

  • Energy efficiency solutions that reduce your costs and boost your environmental performance to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations

Our dedicated product line

  • Electric Motors

  • Variable Speed Drives

  • Programmable Logic Controlers

  • Computers & Operator Interface

Our accomplishments

Story Fondation Rexel cover

Rexel promotes social innovation

Learn more
  • France Rexel

    A variable speed drive reduces energy consumption of an industrial company

    Rexel helped Nicolas Industries, designer and manufacturer of special roadwork equipment and unusual loads, reduce its global energy consumption by 20% through the installation of a variable speed drive in its painting facilities.

  • France Rexel

    An reactive energy compensation solution in the food processing industry

    Salé Sucré relied on Rexel to install an innovative reactive energy compensation device when expanding its storage platform, reduced its global energy consumption by 20% and achieved and ROI in 3 years.