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Career management

Career management: limited only by your own ambitions

Whether functional, cross functional or geographic, job mobility is an essential component of Rexel Human Resources Policy. The goal: enable everyone to develop new responsibilities and seize valuable opportunities.

  • The annual review is the perfect opportunity to assess your skills with your manager and discuss career development possibilities. Rexel is striving to introduce this review for all Group employees
  • The skills communities provide a forum in which employees with similar jobs can discuss and share best practices and benefit from peer-learning


A common benchmark: the Rexel Competency Model

Shared by all Group entities worldwide, this resource facilitates the evaluation of skills – particularly as part of the annual review – by defining the managerial skills profiles for around 300 key positions. The personal development goals for these skills are therefore based on this common benchmark, enabling each individual to progress in their current duties and prepare for further career growth.