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Commercial market

Buildings energy performance is a central challenge for the commercial sector, so Rexel helps its customers to cut their consumption, while also improving comfort and security.

Rexel, the energy efficiency solutions advisor for the commercial market

The commercial business sector is Rexel’s largest market, and covers a diverse range of business situations and activities, in terms of:

  • Customers (installers, designers, building managers, energy/environment managers and purchasing directors)
  • Buildings (offices, retail, hotels, hospitals, schools, leisure centers, datacenters)
  • Projects (construction or upgrading, retrofit or maintenance)
  • Specialized services (audit, equipment supply, measurement, monitoring and management, etc.)

In all these categories, Rexel offers appropriate and tailor-made solutions in which the central element of added value is energy performance to reduce building energy consumption without compromising comfort or security.




In offices, Rexel offers solutions to reduce energy consumption, while also improving air quality as well as temperature and lighting comfort for the occupants. In accordance with the latest regulations, these solutions are adapted for construction, renovation or maintenance projects.

  • United States Gexpro

    Renovation of the Chrysler Building's cooling system in New York

    Gexpro partnered with PWA to carry out an important project to renovate the ventilation and cooling systems in the Chrysler Building in New York with the goal of reducing energy consumption and improving acoustics.



To address the specific needs of datacenters for their electrical and air conditioning installations, Rexel has developed a range of products and services that meet high security standards and are offered through a dedicated brand: Conectis. The performance delivered by these solutions ensures a significant reduction in your costs, as well as in the environmental footprint of your facilities.

  • France Rexel

    Custom service for the Telecity Group

    European leader of independent datacenter operators, the Telecity Group called upon Rexel to equip its 3rd Parisian center.




Thermal comfort, visual comfort and air quality are particularly important in buildings used by children. Rexel helps you to address these issues with lighting and climate control solutions that comply fully with the most demanding quality standards. Classrooms, school restaurants, corridors, libraries… these solutions are designed to adapt perfectly to all the spaces typically found in schools.

  • Germany Hagemeyer Deutschland

    A complex lighting project for a college in Lower Bavaria

    Hagemeyer Deutschland participated in a project to provide control of the lighting for the Amstorf college in Lower Bavaria. From implanting door control systems, while taking the school calendar into account, to automatically adapting indoor lights to the surrounding lighting.



Casinos, auditoriums, stadiums… leisure infrastructures have very specific requirements for lighting, air conditioning and acoustics, and the corresponding solutions must address the issues of comfort and appearance. Based on its worldwide experience, Rexel solutions for leisure venues are designed to deliver exceptional lighting, while also significantly cutting your energy bill.



Rexel serves healthcare facilities around the world by designing and marketing equipment that meets the most exacting requirements in terms of hygiene, reliability, durability and efficiency. By reducing overall building energy consumption, these solutions are particularly appropriate for facilities that operate 24/7, providing you with significant savings without compromising comfort or efficiency.

  • France Rexel

    LEDs captivates hospitals in the Paris region

    The Mantes-la-Jolie hospital chose to set its sites on the future by privileging LED lights — saving an estimated 80% in energy consumption. This is also the case for the Paris Hotel Dieu hospital, that was looking for both lighting efficiency and low maintenance.



Estimates suggest that economies of around 50% can be made in the hospitality sector by improving lighting energy performance, so Rexel offers its customers a range of economical and innovative products designed to meet the highest standards of appearance and comfort.  In addition to lighting, these solutions cover climate control and overall building energy management for total performance optimization.

  • France Rexel

    Reducing energy consumption for a hotel in La Rochelle

    During the renovation of the Hotel de la Monnaie in La Rochelle, a building energy management solution was installed, providing important energy savings without compromising indoor temperature comfort or lighting.

Transportation infrastructures


Whether new construction or renovation projects, transportation infrastructure worksites – airports, rail stations, tunnels, etc. – are complex and often located in challenging environments. In addition to the quality of its products, Rexel offers you tailor-made project management support and technical assistance to reflect the ever-changing needs of your project.

  • China Rexel

    Equipping the metro billboards in Shanghai

    Rexel supplied STDecaux (JCDecaux Group) with electrical equipment for the billboards in the new metro lines in Shanghai.




Showcasing not only products, but also the point of sale: that’s the key task for lighting in retail stores, so Rexel offers a range of solutions that deliver optimum quality of light alongside energy savings. A complete package of support from logistics management to building energy management also allows you to standardize installations throughout your retail chain.

  • United States Capitol Light

    Custom lighting for a famous Waffle café in New York

    Capitol Light, Rexel subsidiary in the US, helped Wafels and Dingels, a cult New York café, in the custom design of ambiance lighting to recall the 60s — all while achieving important energy savings.



With a long track record and many successfully completed projects, Rexel has an excellent knowledge of the defense industry. The ability of the Group to meet precise and demanding technical standards and the quality of its defense contractor-approved products are your guarantee of dependable, secure support.

  • United States Gexpro

    Army & Air Force Exchange Service saves energy

    In the US, Gexpro partnered with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service to improve the energy efficiency its 500 location’s: achieving 45% of energy savings.


Local authorities


Because of the potential savings they represent, and their role as a showcase for public environmental policy, local authority buildings have a particularly high profile in terms of energy efficiency solutions. Rexel’s expertise in delivering these solutions is backed by the proven experience of public contracting needed to facilitate the success of your construction, upgrading and maintenance projects.

  • Italia Rexel

    Innovative lights for classic architecture in Ital...

    In Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, Rexel replaced all the city lights with LEDs to achieve energy savings and lighting quality.