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Home Automation

For more comfortable and energy efficient buildings

'Home automation must favor simple, cost-effective and, more importantly, scalable solutions as it is implemented in stages, adapting to users’ need.' Siu Gauchet, Residential Business Development Manager, Rexel France


Controlling home comfort, security and energy consumption

Rexel’s home automation solutions help residents control the comfort (shutters, lighting and heating), security (surveillance, locking and alarms) and energy consumption of their homes.


3i – an innovative service for installers

Developped to help installers design solutions adapted to the needs of occupants, the Rexel home automation solution incorporates a package of services to identify and install pre-configured products, and to manage their installation using functional software.


Interoperability – key in the transition to the 100% smart home

Rexel favors multi-protocol solutions to facilitate interactions between connected objects and promote the wide scale development of home automation based on shared standards.


Energeasy Connect – scenarios that make life easier

Energeasy Connect, the Rexel home automation solution enables the home to be controlled with a single click to deploy a range of scenarios tailored to occupant lifestyles. Easy to install and program, this solution reduces energy bills, as well as controlling expenditure through regular monitoring of consumption points.

Here are just a few examples of scenarios offered by the Energeasy Connect solution:

  • Wake up to comfort: the heating fires up, the shutters are opened, the coffee machine is ready for action, and the lights are turned on
  • Go out with complete peace of mind: the electrical appliances switch to standby, the shutters close, lights left on are turned off, the heating system switches to minimum frost-free level, and the alarm system is armed
  • Come home to a warm welcome: the alarm system is turned off, the gate opens, the heating system switches to comfort mode, and the entrance light turns on


Home automation can help dependent and reduced mobility residents stay in their own homes

The elderly, as well as dependent persons and people suffering from reduced mobility, account for an increasing proportion of society. Most of them want to remain in their own homes, but less than 10% of homes are suitable. Rexel home automation opens up new options to help them: remote system control, video surveillance and alarm systems, automated doors, lighted paths, gas and smoke detection, etc.



smart homes by 2019, according to Gartner research

$100 billion

The value of the global home automation market by 2020, according to Gartner

Rexel's added value

  • Turnkey solutions designed for installers and end users

  • A comprehensive range of multi-brand products and systems from the best manufacturers

  • Modular, multi-protocol solutions to facilitate integration of new functions


  • Connected Lighting

  • Intelligent home system

  • Home Control Touch Screen

  • Smart Thermostat


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Rexel promotes social innovation

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  • Sweden Rexel

    A custom tool to manage all of a home automation system's functions

    In the Götebord suburbs, Rexel developed a unique home automation system. Intuitive and connected, it pilots all of the home’s automated functions, including blinds, lighting, heating and energy management (in particular the photovoltaic panels on the roof).