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Smart Building

For more comfortable and energy efficient buildings

Integrated solutions for more economical, more comfortable and safer buildings

With Rexel, benefit from a comprehensive and innovative range of products and services to optimize building energy performance and boost occupant comfort and safety. Based on monitoring and managing energy consumption, Rexel smart buildings cut energy bills while also delivering improved environmental performance.

Building Management System (BMS)

  • A broad range of eco-efficient solutions for lighting, doors, shutters and security
  • Automated presence, lighting, heating and CO2 detection systems
  • Consumption measurement and analysis tools
  • Remote monitoring of all building functions – lighting, heating, security, elevators, communications – based on predefined scenarios

A Rexel decision support solution: Energeasy Advisor

Designed to meet the needs of commercial sector decision makers and operations managers, Energeasy Advisor gathers all the required data from key points of consumption, presents it on a dashboard, and pinpoints optimization opportunities.

View the Energeasy Advisor video


of all the world's energy is consumed by buildings

Rexel's added value

  • An all-encompassing solution from installation to management

  • Multi-energy, multidisciplinary expertise across all electrical, electronic and thermal functions

  • The flexibility of a multi-protocol, multi-brand policy applied in partnership with the best manufacturers

  • Optimization of your investment to take maximum advantage of available subsidies and tax breaks

Our dedicated product line

  • Smart cameras

  • Sensors

  • Controlers

  • Monitoring softwares

Our accomplishments

Story Fondation Rexel cover

Rexel promotes social innovation

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  • France Rexel

    Building management systems for the Angers-Nantes area tramway maintenance center

    Rexel took part in a building management solution for this HQE building. Using a centralized management system, lighting is adapted based on the natural light, and the heating and cooling of the entire maintenance center is controlled by predefined scenarios.