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Security warning

Resurgence of fraudulent messages

In the wake of repeated fraudulent messages concerning the distribution industry, Rexel wishes to alert its partners, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and all third parties that could be the target of malicious solicitation.

Rexel has identified instances of attempted identity theft designed to deceive current or potential partners through the use of fraudulent tactics.

Some of Rexel’s partners have reported emails sent by individuals claiming to be Rexel employees using email addresses that may include the word “Rexel.”

As a reminder, the only valid, legitimate email addresses belonging to the Rexel Group take the following forms:

first name.last

first name.last

first name.last

or other extensions specific to countries in which Rexel operates. The full list of these countries is available here.

All electronic communication originating from other domains (such as,, etc.) may be fraudulent and must be treated with extreme caution, as well as be reported to

Rexel cannot be held accountable for any harm and/or damages resulting from the fraudulent use of its name or reputation. It is therefore your responsibility to verify the identity of your correspondent.

Rexel is implementing every preventive measure possible to prevent and/or combat these malicious tactics.

Remain vigilant and please do not hesitate to contact your usual interlocutor at Rexel or if you have any doubts concerning an order or solicitation that appears suspicious.

Examples of fraudulent emails

Among the examples of attempted fraud that have been reported, Rexel wishes to specifically alert its current or potential suppliers about the following scam: an individual posing as a Rexel purchasing manager (via a fake email address) orders electrical materials from a supplier. The individual attempts to have the order delivered without any intention of paying the associated invoice.

Warning: these fraudulent orders may be worth several hundred to several thousand euros.