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Rexel’s Lighting: innovating for a better performance

For residential, commercial and industrial markets, Rexel’s lighting solutions include:

  • The design and installation of lighting solutions adapted to every need
  • The renovation of existing lighting equipment
  • The maintenance and repair(MRO) of installed lighting material

We offer our customers lighting management solutions to maximize their comfort and energy savings

Bringing together quality lighting and energy savings

Rexel offers its customers the most effective products to improve the light efficiency of the installations. High performing LEDs are five times brighter and last ten times longer, while also reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs and optimizing the quality of light.

In Guérande, Philippe Mousset, electrical installer, used the new lighting technology to enhance an architect’s house.


Renovating existing installations to improve energy performance

As most light installation in the commercial sector are obsolete, Rexel offers its expertise in lighting retrofit – providing significant potential savings in electricity consumption.

Overview of the innovative lighting solutions in the commercial market

An intelligent, flexible and connected management

Automatic presence detection, light dimming in relation to outdoor light: we offer our clients lighting management solutions in order to optimize their comfort and energy savings. Tomorrow, connected lighting can help manage all home automation.


electrical savings from an LED

15 months

of average ROI with LED

Our added value

  • A team of experts available to assist you with your entire project

  • Selected products from the best brands

  • Innovation showrooms and trainings on demand

  • Financing offers dedicated to professionals and individuals

  • Audit and calculating tools to facilitate your simulations

Our dedicated product line

  • Light sources

  • Lights

  • Control switch

Our accomplishments

In Ontario and Nova Scotia

Learn more
  • Eclairage Pau Rexel

    France Rexel

    Pau: pioneer city of virtuous lighting

    In 2009 the Pau municipality decided to install LED lights in City Hall, anticipating new regulation. The project was an all around success, esthetically and through reduced energy costs. Particular attention was given to the lamp design and quality of light.