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Providing security solutions for people and property

Protecting people and property is a major challenge, so Rexel has developed a comprehensive range of security solutions to protect against fire, accident, intrusion, malicious damage and other threats.

The Rexel offer covers:

  • All types of building, from retail to hotels, parking lots, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals and retirement homes
  • All functions (video surveillance, intercoms, maintenance, detection and alarm systems…)

A broad range of solutions to cover all eventualities

The Rexel range of security solutions includes:

  • The best equipment and detection systems for risks connected with water, gas, fire, intrusion
  • High-performance video surveillance, access control, intercom, automatic door systems
  • A broad range of wireless alarms and appropriate evacuation signage

Rexel's added value

  • Dedicated product ranges selected from the best manufacturers

  • Guaranteed equipment interoperability for simpler maintenance, and shared warning systems

  • Specialized experts for each sector and function

  • Advice, audits and recommendations

  • Solutions that ensure regulatory compliance

Our dedicated product line

  • Fire Alarms

  • Surveillance Equipment

  • Access Controls (intercoms, detection devices…)

  • Emergency Lighting

Our accomplishments

Story Fondation Rexel cover

Rexel promotes social innovation

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  • Système de contrôle d'accès pour un bâtiment culturel à Grenoble

    France Rexel

    Access control system for a cultural center in Grenoble

    To insure the security of the new cultural center in La Bobine, Denis Gilman, an electrician in Grenoble, installed an alarm system with badges and motion sensors and provided a centralized management system, implementing the latest innovations.