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Developing photovoltaic solar power

Sustainable, ‘clean’ and efficient, photovoltaic power has many advantages, but its deployment remains complex. Rexel supports installers in their technical and commercial implementation of turnkey solutions that contribute to the worldwide growth in the use of photovoltaic solar panels.

  • As a renewable and clean source of energy, solar power is a major component of the energy transition
  • Solar photovoltaic is an essential part of the mix of sources essential for responding to the new standards of energy consumption
  • The cost of generating solar power continues to fall, as the price of traditionally generated power rises


Helping installers and their customers at every step in the value chain

The Rexel offer of photovoltaic solutions includes a comprehensive range of innovative products – panels, inverters, installation structures and connection accessories – for easy installation. Its added-value benefits also include technical and sales support for installers, with dedicated teams, a specialized brand (Rexel Energy Solutions) and a specific commercial offering (Energeasy Solar).


Energeasy Solar: an innovative and attractive commercial offering

Energeasy Solar offers a package of practical services to simplify the technical and financial aspects of photovoltaic panel installation: power generation simulations and guarantees, sourcing of qualified installers, financing solutions, administration for public subsidies and access to tax incentives, equipment warranties and maintenance.

Explore Energeasy Solar in greater detail:

8 years

The average payback time for a roof-mounted solar installation in Europe

150 MW

The total amount of installed PV power marketed by Rexel in 2015

Rexel's added value

  • Longstanding expertise delivered via brands (Rexel Energy Solutions) and specialized teams

  • Installer training and support, with an integrated commercial offering: Energeasy Solar

  • Tailor-made proposals and project mode support

Our dedicated product line

  • Solar Modules

  • Inverters

Our accomplishments

Story Fondation Rexel cover

Rexel promotes social innovation

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  • United Kingdom Rexel Energy Solutions

    Guaranteed photovoltaic performance in Dorset

    With Rexel’s Energeasy Solar platform, Michael Bird gets custom assistance installing solar panels to take advantage of a Dorset home’s western facing roof, and an insured ROI for 5 years.

  • France Rexel

    680 solar panels installed on a rooftop at a school in Poitiers

    The Kyoto school, opened in 2009, heralds photovoltaic installations of the future. Complete turn-key Rexel service covered the whole installation cycle — from the preliminary study for efficiency optimization to management and panel installation