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Individual shareholders

“Dear fellow shareholders,

This is your special area on our website, designed alongside the other sections to keep you fully informed about the events shaping the Company in which you have invested.

It includes information on the Shareholders website, Shareholders letter, the different types of shareholding, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and the dividend.

I hope that you will find this area useful. We look forward to integrating your valuable feedback to make our site even more informative.

Should you need any further information, you can reach us toll-free from a landline in France at 0800 666 111.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence and loyalty, which are so very important to all of us here at Rexel.”

Guillaume Texier,
CEO of the Rexel Group

> Shareholders website
> Shareholders letter
> Being a Rexel shareholder
> Types of shareholding
> Participating in the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting
> Dividend