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Earn the career you want

The world of energy is engaged in a fascinating process of transition, and so is Rexel, which is why the commitment of our people is such a key factor for our continued success. The Group's five employer promises are designed to encourage initiative, support personal career plans, develop skills and promote long-term talent throughout the world. They personify the collective energy that powers Rexel’s progress.

Rexel offers extensive opportunities for career development within a given field of expertise or through mobility to an entirely new part of the business. The Group supports its people in planning the career path that is right for them and reflects their personal commitment and motivation.

‘I have just been recruited on completion of my internship, and the knowledge that I can progress as far in the company as I want to is enormously motivating.’

‘At Rexel, you have the opportunity to build your own career. There are so many possibilities that you really are in charge of your own future.’

‘I can direct my career on the path that I choose.’