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Developing the circular economy in our value chain

Rexel offers its customers a range of solutions to help them improve their environmental performance and promote the circular economy.

As a distributor, Rexel’s environmental responsibility at the top of the value chain consists in reducing its use of waste-generating materials for its customers and encouraging them to direct their waste to the right facilities for efficient recycling.

Optimizing packaging utilization

Rexel is committed to a packaging reduction policy that aims to adapt packaging size to its utilization, to create innovative and recyclable packaging solutions, and to give priority to reusable materials. To this effect, several Group entities have replaced their cardboard boxes with reusable plastic containers. These are used to restock the branches or to deliver orders to large customers at their construction sites, thus enabling customers to reduce their packaging waste.

Recycling WEEE

In most European countries, the implementation of European regulations in relation to Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has led Rexel branches to collect its customers’ WEEE in order to recycle it. In other countries, Rexel subsidiaries go beyond local legal obligations and offer this additional service to their customers. For example, in France, Rexel developed a partnership with the eco-organization Récylum, which guarantees 100% WEEE recycling and traceability. Rexel thus offers its customers a service that under certain conditions can extend as far as collecting the WEEE at their work sites, enabling them to meet their legal obligations more easily.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of its customers’ large projects, Rexel offers them global supply management services, grouping deliveries upstream, optimizing transportation and reducing the associated impact.

Several brands within the Group have implemented eco-design initiatives for their products and packaging. As an example, Bizline, Rexel’s brand specialized in equipment and supplies for electricians, created an electric box with an original assembly system that eliminates the need for a plastic cover. This innovation illustrates the importance that Rexel places on its environmental impact and that of its customers.