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Establishing sustainable relationships with our customers

In order to form long-lasting and mutually beneficial bonds with its customers and to assist them in their responsible business practices, Rexel is committed to establishing trusting relationships, in the short and long term.

Installers, industrial customers and building administrators consider that it is Rexel’s responsibility, acting as a distributor, to recommend the best products and to provide them with assistance in an ever-changing industry. In order to assist them in their responsible practices, Rexel focuses first and foremost on ensuring that they receive excellent service, the foundation of the legitimacy and customer trust that the Group enjoys.

Rexel caters to the needs of its customers around the world, whether at its branches or at their job sites. The everyday quality of its services relies on its proximity, its large available product range, its fast service, and its consulting expertise. Day after day, its employees help installers improve their performance, manage complex projects on behalf of commercial sector customers, and meet the strict specifications of industrial customers. Its multichannel model allows it to be more accessible and to better answer its customers’ requests.

“We are able to leverage specialized resources and expertise for each industry, in order to provide innovative solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of every project.”


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At the core of the value chain and on the cutting edge of market trends, Rexel provides long-term support for its customers and helps them adapt to changes in their business and in their markets. Most of all, Rexel offers installers turnkey solutions that help them to master new technologies and to enter new markets. Rexel and its subsidiaries have also implemented many interactive, informative and educational programs covering key industry trends, energy efficiency, new technologies such as home automation, and renewable energies. The Group thus strives to accomplish its mission as a catalyst and accelerator of a sustainable approach dedicated to energy progress.