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Promoting our employees’ welfare

In every country where Rexel operates, it goes beyond the legal and regulatory framework to ensure that its employees have working conditions and career development opportunities that foster their personal and professional fulfillment as well as the company’s development.

Mobilizing every talent


of female employees have benefitted from an horizontal mobility in 2020, vs. 8.2% of male employees


of employees who received training are women, consistent with the percentage of women in the overall workforce


of employees consider that their manager effectively works with people who are different from him- or herself (in gender, racial/ethnic background, lifestyle, etc.).

Rexel’s human resource management policy begins with a commitment to avoid discrimination of any kind. Its aim is to work for inclusive diversity by favoring equal opportunity in matters of recruitment, training, remuneration, job placement and career development.

Despite its determination to encourage diversity, the percentage of the Group’s feminine workforce remains low (22.6%) due to the paucity of women in the specialized distribution field. Nevertheless, the Rexel Group is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for comparably qualified men and women in every area: recruitment, remuneration, career development, training, etc. Discover how in motion.

In the countries where it operates, the Group is committed to inclusion and diversity, including gender equality, through its recruitment, talent planning and compensation processes. In the United Kingdom, for example, candidates are recruited on the basis of job specifications, skills and experience, and all job offers are balanced in terms of gender, age and ethnicity. In the event of internal job changes, equal pay is taken into account throughout the company, and any pay review is based on equity, merit and experience. Rexel UK has taken steps to review and adjust gender pay gaps. In Ontario, new employees receive mandatory awareness training on accessibility for people with disabilities.

Adding new tools to attract new talent

To strengthen its reputation as an employer, extend its job offers to a wider range of candidates, and diversify its workforce, Rexel recently began a proactive recruitment policy with a special focus on social networks. Around 20 recruiters are present on LinkedIn, where Rexel is included among the top 20 of its sector in terms of new talent attractiveness.

Enhancing skills with dedicated tools


employees received training in 2020


hours of training in 2020

In light of rapidly changing professions, markets and technologies, skill enhancement is essential to boosting the expertise of the company and that of its employees. The increasing use of digital tools has led to a significant rise in training hours (+9.2% in 2018) and in the number of employees being trained (+21.2% in 2018).

Rexel Academy, the digital learning platform launched in 2015, is now available for 24,800 employees with a penetration rate of 99%—a rates that is far higher than those of the sector. It includes training modules on energy efficiency, product expertise, customer-centricity and digital skills. More broadly, many training courses now center on products and make use of employees’ experience and expertise, such as the example set by Rexel’s US subsidiary Platt.

Career development, which began with the generalization of annual one-on-one meetings (83.2% of employees in 2020), has increased in scope to include the implementation of mobility policies and the creation of a digital job fair. Rolled out progressively among Group employees, it includes several dozen positions with international mobility.

Involving employees

Employee engagement is an indispensable condition of employees’ development and that of the company. At Rexel, the factors of this engagement have been identified with the employees: perception of company strategy; employee recognition and career development; management, values and ethics; group work and cooperation.

Rexel completed its sixth “Satisfaxion” internal engagement survey in 2018. The participation rate for this survey was 71% (compared with 69% in 2015). 24,635 employees were invited to respond to the online questionnaire available in 14 languages and administered in 23 Group countries. There were 23,648 comments in response to the two open questions included the survey.

Compared to the last survey in 2015, among the ten categories, eight received more favorable results, one is stable and one is not comparable because it is new. Results reporting was conducted among teams in all subsidiaries. In order to improve the comprehension of certain subjects, workshops involving employees were organized in some subsidiaries. Reflections on areas for improvement will result in action plans deployed at the subsidiary level. The results of the engagement survey enable the Group and its subsidiaries to assess the implementation of their policies.

Fostering team spirit

The second Global Corporate Challenge was held in 2016 over the course of 100 days, demonstrating the team spirit and dynamism of the Group’s employees. It won over 7,882 participants divided into 1,126 teams and motivated them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, particularly through regular physical activity.

Encouraging employee shareholding

Since the Group’s arrival on the stock market in 2007, Rexel has offered its employees the chance to become shareholders of their company under preferential conditions via employee share purchase plans. The fifth plan of this kind, Opportunity16, was launched in 2016 in 14 countries. Available to 90% of employees, it allowed them to acquire shares in the company through a reserved capital increase. The overall participation rate reached 17.6% with more than 20% recorded in Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and China. By late 2020, the Group’s current employees held 0.51% of the share capital and voting rights.

Guaranteeing safety and social dialogue

Rexel is committed to guaranteeing the health the and safety of all its employees, generalizing the highest standards, and sharing best practices around the world. The Group ensures that each of its subsidiaries establishes a safety policy that is responsible, efficient and consistent.

The campaign “Our safety.Our responsibility” launched in 2015 helped to raise awareness among all our employees regarding Rexel’s 10 safety principles and to encourage safe practices. Over three quarters of the Group’s total workforce (76.8%) has now received safety training.

The Group also instituted a minimum social protection standard, “Rexel Plus Protection for All,” which guarantees workplace accident coverage. In 2018, this protection covered 5 countries and 3,000 employees. In most other countries, Rexel offers additional health and safety insurance to complete any existing mandatory coverage.

To maintain a fruitful social dialogue, Rexel guarantees the principles of free expression and union representation, also included in its Ethics Guide. It provides employee representatives, including the European Works Council, with the necessary information and means.



employees were involved in representative bodies in 2020