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Rexel France joins the Tour de France as an official partner

This partnership will give a jolt to Rexel and the Tour de France's ambitions to speed up the electrification of the Tour and support communities in their energy transition.

The Tour de France has been committed to becoming an ever more eco-responsible organization for over a decade to protect the landscapes where the drama of the race unfolds.

The Tour de France, an iconic sporting event in July, is also a chance to discover the regions of France along with their heritage and villages. Rexel, a leading provider of products and services for professionals, will be part of this special time for the French public for the next three years.

Rexel recently expanded its electric mobility services offer with the acquisition of Freshmile, which powered up Rexel’s ability to accelerate in the field of e-mobility and supports its goal to set up 400,000 charging stations across France by 2030.

Faced with the challenges of energy transition and decarbonization, speeding up the electrification of communities is one of the major concerns of our time. This is what Rexel’s purpose is all about: Electrifying solutions that make a sustainable future possible.

On top of the sporting dimension, discovering and admiring the regions is part of what makes the Tour the Tour. To protect these landscapes, where the drama of the Grande Boucle unfolds, the Tour de France has been committed to an eco-responsible approach.

The Tour de France takes the ARO —avoid-reduce-offset— approach in its drive to reduce its carbon footprint, taking action on issues such as sustainable mobility, resource preservation and natural heritage protection. It slashed its direct carbon emissions by nearly 40% between 2013 and 2021.

Rexel to acquire Wasco, a leading HVAC distributor at the heart of the energy transition in the Netherlands

Further building its European presence to seize fast-growing electrification opportunities, Rexel announces the acquisition* of Wasco, one of the leading distributors of HVAC products and services in the Netherlands. With this acquisition, Rexel will double in size in the Netherlands, making it the Group’s fourth-biggest country.

Wasco operates 35 branches and 2 distribution centers in the Netherlands and generated 60%** of its sales through digital channels. Over more than 50 years, Wasco has built a strong presence on the Dutch HVAC market, which is in the forefront of Europe’s energy transition.

The Wasco acquisition will allow Rexel to benefit from energy-transition related opportunities. Those markets (HVAC in the case of Wasco but also photovoltaic solutions, industrial automation or EV charging solutions), whose growth is substantially above Rexel’s in other markets, should also bring resiliency as they are driven by corporate agendas to reduce their emissions, as well as government incentive plan. Rexel already has developed a successful HVAC business, concentrated in countries where heating is traditionally electric, such as France.

The Netherlands is one of the most exciting European markets from an electrification perspective, benefitting from a fast-paced transition from gas, driven by incentives and regulations, notably the ban on gas boilers both in new build and renovation. Wasco is ideally positioned to be an active player in this transition; it is also best-in-class in terms of digitalization. We are excited to start working with the Wasco teams to unleash the great opportunities that the association of both companies in the Netherlands will create.”
Guillaume Texier, CEO of Rexel

* The acquisition remains subject to customary conditions including completion of the consultation process of Wasco’s works council and approval by the competition authority, i.e. the European Commission. It is expected to close in the second half of 2023.
** circa €540m over the last twelve months through end-April 2023

> Learn more with the Press Release

Rexel tops its sector in the Leaders in Innovation ranking, Les Echos – Statista

Les Echos has published its ranking of the most innovative companies in France.

Innovation is a key driver of growth and success for companies. The Leaders in Innovation ranking, established by Les Echos in partnership with Statista, highlights companies that stand out for their ability to refresh their fields of activity. This list is based on a panel of 7,000 companies with more than 50 employees. Three areas were evaluated: innovation culture, innovation in product or service offerings, as well as innovation in processes and CSR.

Among the most rewarded companies, Rexel ranks first in its sector of activity (wholesale and retail trade). This ranking recognizes the Group’s efforts in terms of innovation, whether in energy efficiency and energy management solutions or in services that foster the development of new electrical uses supported by digitalization.

In 2022, Rexel developed the Carbon Tracker, a solution that provides customers with a detailed analysis of the products’ carbon footprint throughout their life cycle. The Carbon Tracker has received several ESG awards for its innovative nature.

In addition, through its Foundation for a better energy future and its social innovation platform, Rexel supports the development of socially responsible business models in the field of energy efficiency.

Rexel’s commitment to the energy transition, driven by electrification, is thus highlighted, demonstrating the Group’s ongoing efforts to anticipate growing market demand while addressing environmental and social challenges.

Rexel’s purpose: Electrifying solutions that make a sustainable future possible

Rexel unveils its purpose, fully aligned with its strategic roadmap, at the occasion of its 2022 full-year results announcement.

Each single word conveys a meaning specific to Rexel:

  • « Electrifying »: A reference to electricity and electrification, but also to the passion of our teams.
  • « Solutions » refers to both products and services.
  • « Sustainable future » relates to the finality of all our actions. Our ESG focus as well as new electricity usages, innovation, digital advanced services are strong internal drivers.
  • « Make possible » is about our unique role in the value chain. We partner with suppliers to propose the best products and push new services to the market. We support energy professionals and help them spread the solutions which make the energy transition a reality.

Rexel’s purpose is the result of close collaboration of around 7,000 employees where the Group operates, and reflects the Group’s contribution to the world: provide the solutions and services that will accelerate electrification in personal and professional spaces, infrastructures, buildings and mobility means – including in the domains of HVAC, photovoltaics, electric mobility and industrial automation.

Find out more about Rexel’s purpose statement, manifesto and video:

Rexel’s purpose is conveyed through the Group’s strategy and commitments. Learn more:

. PowerUP 2025, Rexel’s strategic 2022 – 2025 roadmap

. Rexel’s sustainable development strategy


Rexel tops its sector in the 2023 CSR Le Point – Statista ranking

Le Point magazine published its ranking of the most sustainable French companies.

Le Point joined forces with Statista, an independent German institute, to conduct this survey based on a panel of 2,000 companies with more than 500 employees, headquartered in France. The final score corresponds to the average of the scores obtained on three themes: environment, social and governance. The scores are calculated from surveys (of 5,000 citizens) and around 20 indicators such as the quantity of waste produced, carbon emissions or the equal pay index for men and women.

As a result, among the most responsible companies, Rexel ranks first in its sector of activity (retail and distribution) and 25th overall. These results confirm the relevance of the Group’s strategy, which places corporate responsibility at the heart of value creation for all its stakeholders.

As part of this proactive approach, Rexel committed during its 2022 Capital Markets Day to reducing by 2030, in comparison to 2016:

  •  60% in absolute terms of the GHG emissions related to the use of energy by the Group’s operations (scopes 1 and 2) ;
  • 45% in absolute terms of the GHG emissions related to the use of sold products (scope 3).

These objectives have been validated Net-Zero standard by the SBTi.

Rexel was also included in the CAC 40 ESG index on September 16, 2022.

Finally, in 2022, Rexel was awarded the title of “Diversity Champion” and ranked 3rd in its sector in the Capital – Statista list, following a vast survey of 25,000 employees working in companies with more than 250 employees. Representative of the active population, they were able to rate the attitude of their employer and its competitors in favor of diversity, respect for parity, non-discrimination of people according to age, origin, sexual orientation or disability. The level of the gender equality index in the company studied and the proportion of women on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors were also taken into account in the evaluation.

Rexel’s performance in terms of environmental, social and governance responsibility is thus regularly recognized and reflects the Group’s continuous efforts to implement the best practices in this area.