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Rexel gains recognition by CDP for its corporate climate actions

For the first time, Rexel joins the “Climate A List” of CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, which is aiming to prevent harmful climate change due to the impact of human activities.

The “Climate A List” is released each year and names the world’s businesses leading on environmental performance and acting on climate change. Among 7,000 businesses evaluated by CDP, a mere 139 companies have been awarded a position on the 2018 A-list. In France, only 22 companies have received an A grade by CDP. This position is a true acknowledgement of the Group’s commitment to implementing sustainable environmental practices across the entire value chain.

CDP is an international not-for-profit charity that drives sustainable economies and corporate transparency while encouraging companies and cities to disclose their impact on the environment and actions taken to fight climate change. Every year, businesses’ environmental scores are carefully scrutinized by investors and financial rating agencies.

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