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Siu, France deployment manager for Small Residential market, Rexel France

‘Enjoy entrepreneurship, be curious and keep listening to teams and customers.’


Stimulated by the dynamism and the “start-up” spirit of Rexel, Siu appreciates challenges. Operational as well as managerial, her job gives her many satisfactions: team work, collective success and contact on the ground.


What has been your career path?
I joined Rexel in January 2011 as France Deployment Manager for Small Residential market within the sales department. Previously, I spent over 15 years in the electrical equipment sector, mostly within the Legrand group where I worked in sales and marketing. I graduated from the ESLSCA business school and then completed an MBA at HEC after several years of professional experience in France and internationally.

What are your current missions?

I am in charge of developing the presence of Rexel to the Small Residential market. I propose axes of market development, I develop the appropriate organization and pilot the teams. The stakes are strategic as this segment represents approximately 30% of the turnover of Rexel France
I manage a team of 33 people, divided between 12 animators Small Residential and two new teams: 8 people dedicated to the management of Sales planning and 13 Officers for housing development.
– Animators deploy and ensure the efficiency of sales promotions in their respective areas.
– Managers for Sales planning translate the commercial strategies defined at the sector and agency levels into sales planning.
– Development officers materialized the housing projects and accompany installers in the evolution of their business, such as “Home automation” and energy audits.
These teams work as a transversal support within the sales network.

What do you prefer in your job?

When I arrived at the deployment department, I was surprised by the entrepreneurial spirit like in start-up companies, with a good dynamic of ambitious projects run at a sustained pace. For my position, there was less than one year between the first elaboration and the deployment of the project. Since being deployed, it continues to get enriched with tools and content. I appreciate this pace which requires responsiveness and adaptability. Managing the teams for new missions enables us to optimize areas of leverage and coordinate actions to maximum efficiency.

My job allows me to take a step back in order to measure and assess the adequacy of the actions without losing contact with the ground. It perfectly combines the functional requirements with the operational side. Furthermore, I enriched my knowledge of Rexel’s different organizations in the world by working on major issues across the group such as “Home Automation”.