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Rob, Purchasing Manager, Nedco, Canada

‘Embrace new challenges’

Rob has 20 years of purchasing experience to date. He is currently the Purchasing Manager at Nedco for the Ontario region in Canada…


What has been your career path?

Graduated from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PCMA), I started my career in 1988 as an electrical buyer at a local home improvement retailer. In 2000, I joined Nedco, the Canadian subsidiary of Rexel to be a Product Manager and in 2006, I was promoted Purchasing Manager for the Ontario area.

What are your current missions?

I manage the activities of the Purchasing Group for the Ontario area in Canada. With a team of 8, we serve 39 branches in the area. Identification of the best electrical supplies manufacturers, negotiation of purchasing terms and products selection: my goal is to satisfy our customer requirements, in terms of quality, service and price. I also constantly investigate new suppliers and innovative products to further develop our product offering to our customers.

What have you learned from your experience at Rexel?

Organization, good negotiation skills, excellent communication skills, strong analytical mind, attention to details, team work and willingness to embrace new challenges. I have the chance to be part of a great team and to deal with many different players, whether internal – marketing or sales team – or external, as we work with hundreds of suppliers. To those interested in this job, I would say: always embrace any opportunities to learn more about the entire business and pay a high level of attention to details!