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Three webinars dedicated to energy efficiency for energy access

In 2016, the Rexel Foundation co-hosted three webinars on energy efficiency for energy access, in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center and the United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network.

The first session, held on February 17th, focused on the importance of appliance efficiency in resource-constrained settings.

Over 1.1 billion people around the world still don’t have access to electricity. This issue lies at the heart of the UN-led Sustainable Energy for all (SE4All) initiative, which aims at achieving three goals: double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency, the share of renewables in the global energy mix and provide energy access to everyone by 2030.

Find out more:

  • The replay of the webinar “Energy efficiency for energy access: appliance efficiency in resource-constrained settings” on the Clean Energy Solutions Center website
  • The infographics on appliance energy efficiency in resource-constrained settings
  • The point of view of the Rexel Foundation on the importance of appliance energy efficiency in emerging countries

On May 18th, the Rexel Foundation co-hosted its second webinar in partnership with the United Nations Foundation on how to fight fuel poverty in developed economies.

Speakers showcased their respective organization’s experience on energy efficiency, including Reid Detchon, Vice President for Energy & Climate Strategy at the United Nations Foundation and Jules Kortenhorst, Chief Executive Officer of the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Find out more:

  • The replay of the webinar “Energy efficiency for energy access: Fighting Fuel Poverty in Developed Economies” on the Clean Energy Solutions Center website
  • The infographics on fighting fuel poverty in developed economies
  • The Rexel Foundation’s point of view on energy efficiency at the service of the poorest households

During the third and last webinar held in september 2016, on the topic of energy efficiency for energy access, leading experts focused on the critical role played by social innovation in driving energy progress.

According to Thomas Thivillon, Head of the Energy Unit of French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde : “Access to energy is at the core of our mission. In the communities we are supporting, energy needs account for a quarter of a household’s expenditure. Two individuals out of three don’t have access to the grid. Household air pollution is among the top factors of disease and death. That is why we are focusing on fast-to-implement off-grid technologies that can address the needs of the energy poor immediately.”

Find out more: