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Rexel revises upwards its 2010 guidance and presents its medium-term targets

Rexel, a world leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, is holding today an Investor Day through a conference call (see below for dial-in details) because of unfavourable weather conditions preventing the Group from holding this event in London as scheduled.

see details and documentation here

During the conference call, which includes a presentation of the turnaround of its operations in the UK, Rexel will update the market on the strategic roadmap it unveiled last year, revise upwards its 2010 guidance and present its medium-term targets.

Rexel’s strategy focuses on consolidating the Group’s market leadership by:
 Capturing higher growth opportunities in markets such as energy efficiency and renewable energies while increasing the share of solutions and services provided to its clients worldwide,
 Leading the consolidation of the global electrical-supply market through acquisitions that aim at increasing the Group’s market share in key mature markets, expanding its presence in emerging markets and seizing opportunities to broaden its offer of value-added services. In line with this strategy, Rexel issued today a separate press release announcing the acquisition of Grossauer in Switzerland, which will grow Rexel’s sales in the country by more than 15%,
 Enriching its business model geared towards higher value-added solutions and services, notably through continued optimization of back-office functions and reduction in capital employed,
 Further deleveraging the Group and strengthening its balance-sheet through strong cash-flow generation and tight control of working capital.

Rexel’s strong fundamentals and strategic priorities will both contribute to the significant increase of the Group’s profitability.


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