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Rexel committed to energy efficiency and renewable energies

On the occasion of “sustainable development week” in France, Rexel, a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, confirms its ambition to leverage its market leadership to accelerate the deployment of energy-efficient solutions for buildings.

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In a rapidly-growing market, Rexel advises on, recommends and distributes energy-efficient and green energy solutions. Through its broad commercial network of 2,300 outlets in 34 countries, the Group’s general and specialist brands offer electricians a wide range of products and related services. Rexel’s offer meets all energy efficiency needs in the fields of lighting, climate control, home automation, motors, electricity generation and services for construction, renovation and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The range of solutions and services, selected and approved by Rexel experts from the leading brands, aims at:
• lowering consumption of energy through smarter consumption, thanks to the new features of electrical equipment and their integration into systems that optimise consumption
• providing components for renewable energy equipment and solar, wind or geothermal renewable energy solutions.

This range includes an array of energy efficient devices, control and automation systems, measuring devices, systems to improve energy efficiency and wind- and solar-powered equipment.

Rexel is positioned to benefit from the growing the energy efficiency and renewable energy markets. Rexel has established dedicated teams that work closely together to share their experiences and best practices. Rexel has identified two key segments: energy efficiency — with the market opportunity created by the conversion of lighting systems to low-energy lighting – and renewable energy, both wind power and solar power. The Group is looking to increase its turnover by around €300 million by 2012 in these segments.

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