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Rexel in the Netherlands launches Onexis, a new banner targeting the industrial market

In November 2009, Rexel Netherlands launched a new banner, Onexis, dedicated to the industrial market.

The creation of this new brand is part of the commercial reorganization of the Rexel Group in the Netherlands. The two generalist networks Rexel and Hagemeyer Nederland, which were previously competitors, are now organized into 3 complementary specialized banners each targeting a different clientele. Rexel focuses on local, regional contractors and facilities departments, Hagemeyer Nederland on regional, (inter) national contractors and Onexis on industrial customers.

This brand specialization by customer base and sector of activity has intensified within the Group in recent years. Inaco in Australia and Suzhou Xidian in China also target the industrial market.

Rexel is a multi-specialist distributor and provider of services and solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers: contractors, companies, public authorities. Dedicated teams and specialized brands: Rexel encompasses a wide range of skills to guarantee proximity with its customers, solid expertise and best service.


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