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An award-winning sustainability performance

By achieving its ambitious goals and continuously improving its sustainable development approach, the Group has garnered widespread recognition for its non-financial performance, as demonstrated by its inclusion in the leading socially responsible market indices.

Sustainable development lies at the heart of Rexel’s business activities and is deeply ingrained in its strategy. The approach is a pragmatic, innovative one designed to meet today’s environmental, social, and ethical challenges while creating value for the Group and its stakeholders.

The Rexel Group is committed to annually informing its stakeholders of its sustainable development strategy as well as its goals, results, and best practices. This approach, which combines performance and transparency, is assessed by non-financial rating agencies.

In 2019, the Group’s social responsibility performance has again been recognized, enabling Rexel to join two new SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) indices:

and to remain in the following:

These excellent results demonstrate that the effort put forth by Rexel’s 27,000 employees in the area of sustainable development is recognized by all of the Group’s stakeholders, in particular its investors and its customers.

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