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Active-8, a Gexpro commercial program, for energy savings

Gexpro implements ‘Active-8’ to cut energy costs and meet long-term sustainability goals

Responding to the growing number of customers unsure of the best ways to cut energy costs and meet ambitious, long-term sustainability goals, Gexpro, the US Rexel company, has developed Active-8 Energy Solutions.

This one-stop, start-to-finish initiative helps companies navigate the complex, fragmented network of energy-savings options. It delivers complete, turnkey solutions that include everything from energy audits to installation management.

“Active-8 gives Gexpro customers a huge energy-efficiency head start because they no longer have to worry about creating their own roadmap to energy-savings targets,” said Jeff Pecoroni, Director Energy Solutions at Gexpro. “Our energy specialists simplify and consolidate the network of choices for customers by actively guiding them through an eight-step process designed to provide the return on investment they’re looking for. So Active-8 customers receive complete, functioning solutions that are up, running and saving, instead of boxes of products on their loading docks. In other words, we help them Active-8 their savings.”

Active-8 serves customers, in large or small projects, across most markets, including commercial, industrial, government, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and supermarket chains. This latest of Gexpro’s core competencies, Active-8 also covers the complete range of electrical product options, from lighting, building automation and commercial refrigeration to motors, drives and solar generation.

Rexel, accelerating electrical advances.Through its distribution networks for professionals in building and infrastructure, Rexel encourages the spread of ever more innovative electrical solutions to improve comfort, safety, and energy savings. This is how Rexel contributes to sustainable economic development worldwide.

> Download the Active-8 documentation

> See the Gexpro Active 8 dedicated website

> See the Gexpro website



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