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2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report – Chapter 7

The 7th and final topic of the new #2018Rexel Activity Report, focusing on energy solidarity, is now available online!

Access to affordable and efficient energy for the largest number of people undoubtedly represents one of the greatest challenges of the next few decades. In France as in England, more than 10 million people encounter difficulties to heat their homes properly without giving up on other basic needs: this is fuel poverty. Fully aware of this reality, Rexel has made a long-term commitment to promoting energy progress. Through its Foundation, the Group intends to build on its expertise and rally its ecosystem of partners in order to foster the development of flexible, innovative energy efficient solutions that address specifically to current and future challenges.


« Rexel offers you a new narrative and visual experience with a mobile-first site that will grow rich of seven topics gradually released from September through to December and publicized on the Group’s social media. We wish you a pleasant discovery ! »


Discover the 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report :


And stay tuned !


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