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2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report – Chapter 6

The sixth topic of the #2018Rexel Activity Report – focusing on the Group’s digital transformation of the Group – is online!

Because digital transformation is an opportunity to ensure the future for any company able to leverage new technologies and, more particularly, harness relevant data, Rexel is moving on to a new stage of its business model’s transformation to become a “data-driven company”. While turning data into a strategic management tool, Rexel pursues its objectives of operational excellence, internal performance and customer satisfaction’s continuous improvement to ultimately secure the Group’s growth in a changing world.


« Rexel offers you a new narrative and visual experience with a mobile-first site that will grow rich of seven topics gradually released from September through to December and publicized on the Group’s social media. We wish you a pleasant discovery ! »


Discover the 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report :


And stay tuned !


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