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2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report – Chapter 3

The third topic of the new #2018Rexel Activity and Sustainable Development Report is online!

Branch managers, delivery agents, data-scientists logistics operators or outside sales representatives, all Rexel employees are involved in the company’s digital transformation at their own level. They are the ones who work day in and day out to improve the Group’s performance while achieving its strategic vision. Their collective engagement depends on their quality of work life and the achievement of their professional goals. Human resources management supports the company’s digital transformation and is also a driver for each employee’s career development and personal fulfillment. Discover the engagement levers that Rexel offers its 27,000 employees.


« Rexel offers you a new narrative and visual experience with a mobile-first site that will grow rich of seven topics gradually released from September through to December and publicized on the Group’s social media. We wish you a pleasant discovery ! »


Discover the 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report :


And stay tuned !