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Providing energy management and energy efficiency products and solutions

To encourage the energy transition, Rexel is committed to at least doubling sales of its energy efficiency products and services by 2020 (compared to 2011).


of the reduction in emissions required by the Paris Climate Agreement, can be absorbed by energy management


million euros in energy efficiency sales by the Group in 2020, around 10% of total sales.


environmental officers, who are located in the subsidiaries

Helping installers to promote energy savings

According to the International Energy Agency, energy efficiency could contribute nearly half the effort needed to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Energy savings are the safest, fastest, most efficient means of accelerating the energy transition while lowering costs and improving user comfort. Installers are at the heart of this evolution and Rexel is by their side to help them master energy efficient solutions while facilitating their installation and financing.


homes in France, by the end of 2017, have beneficied of energy audits by Inoveha’s consultants

Because energy auditing is a critical step in setting up energy saving solutions, Rexel has made it an area of expertise. With Inoveha, an OPQIB-certified engineering consulting company, Rexel masters every facet of building auditing: assessment, energy and environmental certifications, recommendations, consumption management, etc.

Digital applications

Whether for auditing or broader uses, Rexel provides installers with a suite of digital applications to assess, simulate and implement solutions that reduce energy consumption while ensuring their clients’ comfort and safety. Designed to facilitate their sales and technical processes, several of these tools are bundled in the Esabora software suite. They cover solution simulation, 3D video presentations, design and implementation.

Eco-efficient products

Rexel offers a wide range of eco-efficient products for construction, maintenance and renovation: lighting (fluorescent lamps and tubes, low-consumption halogen, LED), consumption measurement and management systems (sensors, detectors, smart meters), HVAC systems engineering (heat pumps, infrared radiators), industrial engines and speed variators. Thus, replacing the existing lighting at a hockey rink in Haninge, near Stockholm (Sweden) with LED lighting lowered energy consumption by 48% and reduced CO2 emissions by 50%. In the manufacturing industry, high output engines and speed variators can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%.

Financing investments with energy savings

To meet the potential challenges related to financing energy efficient installations, Rexel offers to finance the initial investment via the energy savings to be generated. Operated in partnership with specialized companies, these financing options were initially intended for lighting retrofits but were then extended to other energy efficient solutions. This is how a large American company financed the lighting retrofits in one of its largest European stores. The new installation led to 30% lower electricity consumption and enabled the number of everyday maintenance operations to be divided by five.

Energeasy Connect

In the home automation sector, which requires significant technical expertise, Rexel designed Energeasy Connect, a turnkey solution enabling installers to easily create an installation that end users can then manage in an intuitive, personalized way. The offer also includes a support service to answer installers’ technical questions, as well as the ability to carry out a remote web-based diagnosis. Energeasy Connect is an interoperable home automation system that manages heating, lighting and smart equipment for the home. The control system is based on scenarios tailored to the inhabitants’ lifestyles and provides detailed consumption monitoring for a better energy management.