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Rexel increases commitment to environmental and climate protection as founding partner of Solutions COP21

Because energy lies at the heart of Rexel’s business model; because the company is implementing numerous measures to promote the most eco-efficient solutions possible; because we are committed to constantly working to improve our environmental performance; and because, through the Rexel Foundation,  new social and community-based projects can see the light of day, Rexel has and continues to play a leading role in energy efficiency.

Rexel is increasing its commitment to protecting the environment and fighting climate change by playing a leading role in the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference as a founding partner of Solutions COP21.
In December 2015, Paris will host the 21st annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly referred to as “COP21” (Conference of the Parties). Attended by 194 countries, next year’s meeting is of key importance. With the Kyoto Protocol coming to an end, the objective of the conference is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate from all the world’s nations in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming below 2C.
In addition to the UN and its member states, civil society and the corporate world in particular, has a role to play in meeting the challenges of climate change. The 2015 Paris conference provides an exceptional opportunity to engage a diverse range of stakeholders and rally the general public around these issues.
In order to do so, on July 9, 2014, Comité 21 and Club France Développement Durable launched Solutions COP21: a coalition of companies, institutions, local authorities, research institutes and associations with an aim to promote practical initiatives and climate change solutions in the field of energy, mobility, the built environment, etc.

The world of energy is changing. It is entering an era we call “3.0”, an era in which technological and digital innovations are making greater energy savings possible and ensuring improved access to energy efficiency for all. Rexel decided to join Solutions COP21 for a number of reasons:

First, to raise awareness of energy efficiency solutions among a wider audience, comprising public authorities, the private sector and the general public at large. According to the 4-for-2 °C Scenario from the International Energy Agency energy efficiency solutions  alone could reduce  greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2020

– Second, to encourage end-users to regain control of their own energy consumption in both their professional and private lives in order to drive energy savings. Rexel has developed “energeasy,” a set of intelligent, user-friendly solutions to audit and manage buildings.

– Finally, because we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to limiting our carbon footprint. Over the past three years, the Group has reduced its carbon emissions by 10% and between 2011 and 2013, it improved its score with the Carbon Disclosure Project by more than 50%, earning Rexel a place among the Top 20 French companies.