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Luc, E-Commerce Manager, Hagemeyer, Germany

‘By designing solutions and services used by customers and colleagues internally, we contribute to the Group’s development.’


E-commerce Manager of Hagemeyer in Germany, Luc works in a very challenging environment with new projects and challenges to satisfy on a daily basis.


What has been your career path?

I started my career at Saint Gobain Building Distribution, after a degree in modern history and a Master II in Management Science at Orléans (France). In 2008, I joined the Rexel Group, as E-commerce Manager of Hagemeyer in Munich, Germany.

What are your current missions?

I define and put into place the strategy, business plan as well as the e-commerce tools and services of Hagemeyer, in line with the global Group’s strategy, the local market needs and the different types of customers. I manage and support the e-commerce team in Munich (five people) and in the regions (six people). I help them to achieve their on-line sales targets and to develop customer loyalty by contributing to the definition of a « Unique Selling Proposition » (USP). Globally, my role is to accompany management changes both with my customers and internally, in terms of mentality and processes.

What do you like in your job?

I like to be able to design solutions and services that are used by our customers and colleagues internally on a daily basis. In this way, we contribute to the evolution of the Group: this is very motivating! E-commerce is a highly stimulating environment, where routine is replaced by daily projects and challenges.

What advice would you give to a junior interested in your job?

To be structured and flexible at the same time, to be convincing and to speak English are key talents to succeed in this position. It is also very important to be able to animate an internal network as well as to truly understand the needs of different types of customers, the internal processes and the market organization.