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Rexel expands its electric mobility services offer

As part of the implementation of its strategic roadmap, Rexel has announced the acquisition of Freshmile Services, an electrical vehicle charging station operator offering both services and supervision software.

By integrating Freshmile’s software and services offer, Rexel is reinforcing its position as a global expert in the professional distribution of energy solutions.

The connected solutions developed by Rexel today represent a strategic dimension of the Group’s development, particularly in new high-growth markets related to energy transition and will provide Rexel with enhanced development opportunities in the fast-growing e-mobility business market. The enhancement of green offerings, energy storage, self-use and energy management are becoming key challenges in building intelligence, networks and infrastructures, something in which Rexel is investing heavily.

Freshmile develops software solutions for the control, operation, maintenance and marketing of EV charging infrastructure and offers operations and support services for the owners and end-users of these stations.

Their activities are twofold: the operation of charging stations and the provision of services for drivers of electric vehicle.

Freshmile manages more than 8,000 charging points and provides services to more than 50,000 EV drivers, with access to 100,000 charging points in roaming throughout Europe.

Together, Rexel and Freshmile strengthen their mutual positioning by:

  • Providing customers with the solution best suited to their needs, by recommending the best electrical supplies on the market.
  • Offering installers, maintainers, facilities managers and charging station owners powerful tools and services that enable them to roll out and manage EV charging infrastructure.
  • Proposing new sustainable and turnkey solutions for B2B clients.

With Freshmile, Rexel takes a strong position in the electric mobility market and strengthens the consistency of its global electric mobility offer in France using their ecosystem of partners.

Rexel also announced the acquisition of a minority stake in Trace Software International, a company that builds applications for the design and operation of electrical and solar installations in the building and industrial sectors. Trace Software’s solutions cover needs from business management to operation, including network scaling. Since 2020, Trace Software’s applications have been integrated into Rexel’s ecosystem and connected directly to This allows for significant time savings by taking price and deadline constraints into account very early on in projects.

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