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Look back on the 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report


This year, Rexel has offered you a new narrative and visual experience with a mobile-first site that has grown rich of seven topics gradually released from September through to December and publicized on the Group’s social media. We wish you a pleasant discovery!

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2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report




An overview of the past year, this chapter sheds light on the Group’s strategic advances and clarifies why 2018 is a major step in its transformation to a data-driven company. The foundations for its future development are laid, its growth potential confirmed. Dive in the world of Rexel and discover how the Group considers future perspectives!


Electricians, plumbers, heating specialists, installers, engineering consulting firms, industrial companies, architecture firms… all express different needs and require from Rexel specifically adapted solutions. The Group’s products and services offering relies on 3 value propositions (proximity, projects, specialty). Therefore, Rexel is able to address any customer’s need on its three end-markets (residential, commercial and industrial) all over the world. Find out more about the true meaning of customer satisfaction by Rexel.


Branch managers, delivery agents, data-scientists logistics operators or outside sales representatives, all Rexel employees are involved in the company’s digital transformation at their own level. They are the ones who work day in and day out to improve the Group’s performance while achieving its strategic vision. Their collective engagement depends on their quality of work life and the achievement of their professional goals. Human resources management supports the company’s digital transformation and is also a driver for each employee’s career development and personal fulfillment. Discover the engagement levers that Rexel offers its 27,000 employees.


Rexel’s sustainable development strategy is one of the Group’s main drivers to achieving its profitable growth and value creation objectives. Find out more about the Group’s convictions which underlie the 4 pillars of its sustainable development approach: improving environmental performance, acting with ethics and integrity, promoting responsible practices across the value chain, involving and supporting employees.


If branches remain a key touchpoint for many customers and continue to play a pivotal role in providing proximity services, Rexel drives their transformation to offer a wide range of complementary services; webshops gain new features; transactional solutions allow customers to optimize purchase management and automate part or all of the process. Discover how Rexel builds on digital assets to offer a unique customer experience, responding to their preferences and expectations, through flexible customer journeys enabling them to rely on a multiplicity of physical and remote contact points.


Because digital transformation is an opportunity to ensure the future for any company able to leverage new technologies and, more particularly, harness relevant data, Rexel is moving on to a new stage of its business model’s transformation to become a “data-driven company”. While turning data into a strategic management tool, Rexel pursues its objectives of operational excellence, internal performance and customer satisfaction’s continuous improvement to ultimately secure the Group’s growth in a changing world.


Access to affordable and efficient energy for the largest number of people undoubtedly represents one of the greatest challenges of the next few decades. In France as in England, more than 10 million people encounter difficulties to heat their homes properly without giving up on other basic needs: this is fuel poverty. Fully aware of this reality, Rexel has made a long-term commitment to promoting energy progress. Through its Foundation, the Group intends to build on its expertise and rally its ecosystem of partners in order to foster the development of flexible, innovative energy efficient solutions that address specifically to current and future challenges.

Discover the 2018 Activity and Sustainable Development Report :


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