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Investor Day: Rexel unveils its Energy in Motion company plan

Rexel unveils its 2015 ambitions and presents its "Energy in Motion" company plan

Rexel, a world leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, is holding an Investor Day today in Paris, during which it will unveil its 2015 ambitions and present its “Energy in Motion” company plan.

“Energy in Motion”

To achieve its new medium-term ambitions, Rexel is unveiling today a company plan, “Energy in Motion”, which is based on four strategic priorities:

• Profitable growth: accelerate profitable growth both organically and through acquisitions,
• Active resources management: optimize asset utilization and allocation of resources for increasing returns,
• Culture of cooperation: leverage capabilities and synergies across the Group and stimulate value-added partnerships with key suppliers and customers,
• Excellence in operations: enhance productivity and service levels to drive commercial effectiveness and supply chain performance.

“Energy in Motion” is an ambitious plan aimed at making Rexel the brand of choice for its customers, the partner of preference for its suppliers, an employer of reference for its people and the most attractive company for its shareholders.

Rudy PROVOOST, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, said:
“With the launch of “Energy in Motion,” Rexel is establishing a clear roadmap to drive profitable growth and create value for all stakeholders. By building on its strengths and focusing its resources on the key drivers of value creation, Rexel is poised to enter a new phase of development, combining solid organic growth and targeted acquisitions with continuous improvement of profitability and cash-flow performance. In many ways, “Energy in Motion” provides a platform to reinforce our leadership position and enable ongoing success.”

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