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Behaving ethically and complying with legal obligations

Rexel’s ethics policy is a continuous progress approach. Its goal is to preserve the Group’s reputation and to strengthen its partners’ trust, thus contributing to achieving sustainable growth.

Rexel expects its employees to act with ethics and integrity in order to preserve the mutual trust and respect of its customers, shareholders, suppliers, other employees, partners and communities. To accompany the implementation of this approach, Rexel uses an Ethics Guide and local ethics correspondents who can be confidentially contacted for any request or question, and leads regular information campaigns.

Built on a foundation of common principles, the Group’s ethics policy frames the professional practices of Rexel’s 27,000 employees.

Disseminated since 2007 among all the Group’s employees, the Ethics Guide institutes common principles that guarantee professional ethics at Rexel. It lists the behavior to adopt in certain specific situations: confidentiality, purchasing, gifts, conflicts of interest, harassment, etc. Because Rexel is committed to respecting the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, it includes recommendations in this area as well as rules relating to competition law and best practices in the use of social media.

Respecting international regulations

Rexel’s contractors and sub-contractors are required to adhere to the principles of its Ethics Guide and to respect the general contractual provisions applicable to all of the Group’s subsidiaries for their supplier relations. These provisions include compliance with local and international regulations as well as the obligation to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the conventions of the International Labour Organization.

Preventing and fighting corruption

Rejecting all forms of corruption is one of the pillars of Rexel’s ethics policy. The company has committed to never use illicit procedures or acts with the aim of obtaining advantages or exemptions that do not comply with local or international law. In this sense, in 2014 the Group published a collection of anti-corruption, commercial exchange management and anti-money laundering guiding principles for all of its subsidiaries. An e-learning module on corruption prevention has also been available to 22 Group’s countries of operation since 2015.