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Meeting the challenge of climate change

As climate change is a key challenge for our planet’s future, energy efficiency at the heart of Rexel’s strategy

  • 40%

    of the energy consumed in the world stems from commercial, residential and industrial buildings

  • 49%

    of the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming could be provided by energy efficient solutions by 2020

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Acting for energy progress

As a world leader in distribution and a key player in the energy world, Rexel encourages the co-creation of value with many different stakeholders. The group’s sustainable development approach focuses on 5 pillars to meet their challenges and expectations.

Our sustainable development approach

  • Governance

    In the Executive Committee, CSR topics are led by the Communications Group Senior Vice President and Sustainability Group Senior Vice President, and by the Human Resources Group Senior Vice President.

  • Ethics and the fight against corruption

    Rexel’s approach to ethics is managed by the 28,000 employee’s common principles. The fight against corruption is a key factor.

  • Stakeholders

    Rexel works to maintain a transparent and ethical dialogue with its stakeholders.

  • Global Compact

    Rexel joined the Global Compact of the United Nations in 2011.

Measuring the performance of our sustainable development approach

The reliability and relevance of Rexel’s corporate responsibility action plans are measured annually by environmental and social indicators. The initiatives the Group has taken to solidify its sustainable development approach were acknowledged by several SRI indexes.

The Rexel Foundation for a better energy future

The Rexel Foundation’s mission is to improve access to energy efficiency for all. To reach this goal, the Group focuses on 3 pillars

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