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Expanded partnership between Rexel and Imtech to strengthen European cooperation

Rexel, a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, and Imtech N.V., a European technical services provider in the area of electrical engineering, ICT (information and communication technologies) and mechanical engineering, announce the expansion of their strategic partnership for the next three years throughout Europe.

Since 2006, Rexel through its former Hagemeyer subsidiaries and Imtech have been working together on joint projects and offers. Based on mutual evaluation, the two organizations have decided to extend their partnership for the next three years and expand throughout Europe.

Rexel is a strategic supplier for Imtech, one of Rexel’s top five international key accounts, and aims at increasing co-operation in Europe. Through this partnership, Rexel will allow Imtech to reduce its costs, gain efficiency and build together specific innovations in tailored services. This co-operation is significant for Rexel and illustrates the Group’s strategy of partnership with high quality of services and business development for its key accounts.

Key Accounts customers are major industrial, commercial, and service companies. They have the ability to outsource to Rexel their procurement, logistics and storage in order to be able to optimize productivity, improve profitability, and focus on their core businesses. In 2009, key accounts sales represented roughly 18% of Rexel’s total sales volume.

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