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The Active Home showcases energy efficiency and comfort at home

Maison Active (Active Home) developed by Rexel France demonstrates the real-life convergence between lifestyle, comfort, safety and energy savings. Under the theme of energy eco-efficiency, it presents simulations of comfort functions and automation features within the home. All the solutions presented within are already being implemented by electrical installation professionals in many homes.

The Active Home showcases:

– A home automation installation that makes it possible, for example, to easily group commands for lighting or window blinds. In this way, a single home automation installation can optimize home energy use and avoid any wasteful consumption, especially when the home is unoccupied.

– A cabling infrastructure, which is crucial for developing a scalable and modular home network.

Combined solutions (solar water heater + washing machine, balanced ventilation + ground heat exchanger, weather station + blinds and shutters)

See the Active Home for yourself during any Rexel France Electrical Event.

See the press kit about Maison Active


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