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Sustainable development : Rexel launches its first Carbon Footprint analysis

“As a leading distributor worldwide of electrical supplies, the Group manages infrastructures and generates commercial and logistic flows. Theses activities have carbon emission impacts that we need to identify, assess and improve step by step. “
Xavier Galliot, Group Director of Sustainable development

The aim is to prepare meeting near term regulatory carbon reporting obligations for listed companies and setting up emission targets to reduce our environmental footprint. This first Carbon analysis is complementary to the yearly Group environmental reporting.

The Carbon Footprint evaluation will be conducted according to a standardized French methodology called Bilan Carbone® which is similar to other international existing CO2 calculation techniques and compatible with the 14064 ISO Certification,.

To be relevant and reliable, the scope has to cover 80% of the Group CO2 emissions. This is why eight key countries have been selected for inclusion in the analysis: Australia, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States (Gexpro and Rexel Inc.).

The study will examine several sources of emissions:
– Site energy consumption
– Emissions of refrigerants (from the air conditioning system)
– Transportation (logistic flows, professional travels and home-office travels)
– Office supplies, computer equipments and commercial paper
– Other material and goods used by the Group
– Waste treatment

The results are expected in November and will constitute a relevant platform to elaborate and implement action plans to reduce our CO2 emissions in the coming years.

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