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Rexel supports HI! Paris, an alliance with HEC And Institut Polytechnique for the founding of a world-class French artificial intelligence and data science hub

On Tuesday, September 15, Rexel and four other major French companies announced the launch of HI! Paris, an interdisciplinary research center bringing together the Institut Polytechnique (IP Paris) and HEC, two French schools of excellence training and attracting the most talented students and leading researchers in the fields of new technologies, artificial intelligence, data and social sciences.

Rexel, alongside L’Oréal, Total, Capgemini and Kering, has decided to support this project, in line with its strategy of developing the use of artificial intelligence in its lines of business and innovative proprietary solutions.

For Patrick Berard, CEO of Rexel, “the collaboration between leading French companies in the technologies and solutions of tomorrow and the best academic and research centers in the country is essential to give France the best assets in the international competition and to stay in the vanguard of innovation”. This alliance will enable the funding of engineers and researchers working on data science and artificial intelligence and will ensure the development of cutting-edge French techniques, as well as new solutions useful to the industry. It will at the same time enhance the attractiveness of French schools and research centers on an international scale.

Rexel intends to remain at the forefront of the sector thanks to the commitment and innovations of its engineers and data analysts, to improve customer experience and create ever more relevant offers, while optimizing its processes and value chain. Data analysis and artificial intelligence are transforming our society and changing the way we live and work. By investing in the key skills and jobs of tomorrow, we will create more shared value, for society, for the environment, and for each and every one of us.

“Artificial intelligence allows us to improve our expertise. The alliance between the top industry leaders of today and the thinkers and researchers for tomorrow’s world is the key to our success in the coming years.”

Patrick Berard, CEO of Rexel


Find out more on this project on the Rexel Blog dedicated article.

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