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Rexel leads Capital magazine’s ranking of the “Best employers in France”

Rexel has reaffirmed the quality of its employer brand in 2020, appearing among Capital magazine’s 500 best employers in France for the second consecutive year. The study that was used to establish the ranking was conducted thoroughly and independently by the institute Statista via an anonymous survey completed by a sample group of 20,000 employees.

This year, the Group ranks first in the wholesale category, and among the top 100 employers in France, out of 500 companies in the ranking. Beyond these excellent results, it is important to emphasize Rexel’s progress, moving up 60 places in the overall ranking and gaining 0.4 points for its employer brand to reach 7.4/10. The latter reflects employees’ inclination to recommend their employer or another employer in their business sector. The survey participants particularly appreciated Rexel’s management and team spirit.

This recognition of the Group’s employer brand echoes the results of last month’s “Happy Trainees” survey, which ranked Rexel France second in the “200-499 interns” category for the quality of the intern and vocational training experiences provided. The study indicated that 95.3% of interns and trainees declared themselves to be motivated by the professionalism and expertise of the employees around them. Also, 94% of them would recommend Rexel to their friends and family.

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